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  • 16th Annual New Partners for Smart Growth Conference. February 2-4, 2017. Marriott St. Louis Grand Hotel. St. Louis, Missouri
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  • National Working Waterfront Network launches Sustainable Working Waterfront Toolkit. See how 10 local champions are helping to protect working waterfronts.
  • "Achieving Hazard-Resilient Coastal & Waterfront Smart Growth"
  • Use green infrastructure assets (such as natural buffer zones) to accommodate projected risks from climate change. See Element 6 to get started.
  • Smart Growth principles compared: Smart Growth principles compared to coastal and waterfront smart growth elements.

Achieving Hazard-Resilient Coastal & Waterfront Smart Growth

NOAA and EPA's report on "Achieving Hazard-Resilient Coastal & Waterfront Smart Growth" presents ideas shared by smart growth and hazard mitigation experts related to building hazard-resilient coastal communities.