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The coastal viewshed encompasses the area of coastal land and water that is visible from one or more viewing points.

How to Get Started

Port Of San Francisco Waterfront Design & Access: An Element Of The Waterfront Land Use Plan


The Port of San Francisco and the San Francisco Planning Department's guide to Waterfront Design and Access, which includes designation of waterfront views. In companion with the Waterfront Land Use Plan, the Waterfront Design and Access Element sets forth policies and site specific design criteria to protect public view corridors.

Scenic Viewshed Protection


This toolbox developed by the Indiana Department of Transportation, provides best practices for protecting scenic views and natural resources while developing areas responsibly. The guide covers how to protect and restore viewsheds through local zoning and codes. It includes information on corridor management and Capital Improvements Planning, as well as case studies and additional resources.



The City of Portland’s Scenic Resource Zoning chapter provides an example of a local code and ordinance that protects scenic resources and enhances community appearance. By establishing height limits, view corridors, and identifying scenic resources, the city incorporated the protection of scenic resources into their comprehensive plan.