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Hazard-Resilient Smart Growth

Hazard-Resilient Smart Growth

Living near the water has historically been—and is expected to remain—desirable, yet this choice has inherent risks. Communities face the challenge of determining where and how to accommodate growth and redevelopment given the risks posed by coastal hazards.  In tandem, smart growth and hazard mitigation strategies can help communities meet their quality of life, safety, economic, environmental, and transportation goals.

Resilience Resources

The following resources provide a starting point for learning more about hazard mitigation and implementation of hazard resilient coastal smart growth.

Integrating Hazard Mitigation into Community Planning

This section includes resources that provide ideas and strategies for integrating hazard mitigation planning into community planning.

Hazard Mitigation Planning

This section describes various planning and assessment methods that communities can use to mitigate against natural coastal hazards.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Planning Before a Disaster Occurs

This section describes various resources to assist coastal states and communities with assessing current policies and procedures, and planning for disaster recovery prior to a natural disaster occurring.

Planning After a Disaster Occurs

This section provides resources that support the process of developing a blueprint and strategies for rebuilding and community recovery after a disaster occurs (typically when there is no pre-disaster recovery plan).

General Resources

The section provides general resources for community-based hazard mitigation.