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Live-aboard housing involves the use of a watercraft as a permanent or temporary residence and is typically located in a marina, alongside a dock, or in a mooring field.

How to Get Started

Maryland Clean Marina Guidebook


The Maryland Clean Marina Guidebook, prepared by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, is a very comprehensive document that addresses all manner of boating activities and preserving water quality. Chapter 7 specifically addresses sewage handling, which is pertinent to live-aboard vessels.

City of Bainbridge Island’s Open Water Marina

The City of Bainbridge Island and the Washington State Department of Natural Resources established an Open Water Monitoring and Anchoring Area (OWMAA). Through the OWMAA, the City leases land from the State and then rents it to tenants within designated anchorage sites for residential vessels. Resources include a timeline of the initiative, Washington State statutes, and supporting materials.

Boat U.S. Foundation: Sewage, MSDs, and Pumpout

This Boat U.S. Foundation webpage provides an overview of information relevant to onboard sewage management. There is a description of the law as well as actions that individual boaters can take to ensure compliance.


Boat U.S. Foundation: Human Waste Disposal


Also from the Boat US Foundation, this webpage addresses pumpout services for human disposal in the Online Boating Safety Study Guide. There is a table of different types of waste equipment on boats and further restrictions that might apply to waste dumping.