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Concurrency policies require that adequate public improvements or strategies to accommodate the impacts of development are in place when new development is approved.

How to Get Started

City of Tallahassee Growth Management: Concurrency Management System Policy and Procedures Manual

Manual providing purpose, definitions, requirements and permitting procedures, inventories of existing infrastructure, and forms used by the City of Tallahassee, Florida.

Lynden, Washington, Code of Ordinances, Title 17 - LAND DEVELOPMENT, Chapter 17.15 - ADEQUATE PUBLIC FACILITY CONCURRENCY

Local code providing purpose, definitions, requirements and permitting procedures for concurrency policies.

Current Issues in Growth Management/Land Use and Transportation: The "New Cities" Experience

A 2001 analysis by Tim Trohimovich, 1000 Friends of Washington (now called Futurewise) of how transportation concurrency in Washington state under the Growth Management Act has been implemented. It includes a case study with the City of Redmond, draws conclusions, and discusses future issues and solutions.

Miami-Dade County Service Concurrency Management Program Chapter 33G SERVICE CONCURRENCY MANAGEMENT PROGRAM - Miami-Dade County

Describes county concurrency management and the types of development orders that are reviewed for concurrency.