Coastal Smart Growth Home: Getting Started

How to use this Website

Take advantage of tools, techniques, and case studies

This website is organized into 10 chapters describing different elements essential for communities interested in implementing coastal and waterfront smart growth. By clicking on the individual chapters on the left side bar, you will get a description of each Coastal and Waterfront Smart Growth Element, how this relates to the Coastal and Waterfront Issues, Tools and Techniques you can use in your community, and Case Studies of successes. Each chapter contains a navigation box like you see here on the upper right-hand of each page allowing quick access to the information and the ability to download the content of each page.

NOAA is in the process of providing links to resources for the “policies, tools and techniques for implementation” found in the Key Actions Option Table in each Chapter. These resources listed in the tables are not meant to be a comprehensive survey, but instead offer several examples for implementing these smart growth approaches.

Check back for updated links in the Policies, Tools and Techniques table found in each chapter: