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Development incentives are regulatory, market, or economic inducements to make it more attractive to develop in a certain fashion or location that promotes sustainability and smart growth approaches (e.g., building infill developments or redeveloping in areas that are already developed rather than building in areas that are currently open space).

How to Get Started

Infill Development Strategies for Shaping Livable Neighborhoods

The Municipal Research & Services Center of Washington prepared a publication that details a variety of infill development strategies. The publication describes the strategies, successful applications of the strategies, and related policy issues.

Georgia Quality Growth Program Toolkit of Best Practices

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs created this toolkit containing more than 150 tools that can be used in Smart Growth planning, including information on implementing each tool, model ordinances, case studies and other online resources.

Equitable Development Toolkit: Infill Incentives

PolicyLink's Equitable Development Toolkit includes a basic overview of infill development and associated incentives.

Infill Development Standards and Policy Guide [draft]

The Rutgers University Center for Urban Policy Research prepared a draft study that contains comprehensive resources on infill technical standards and policies for New Jersey's Department of Community Affairs.