Coastal Smart Growth Home: Getting Started: Increased Zoning


In some communities, it may be difficult to meet the demand for housing within the land areas currently zoned for residential use. When the market is not able to respond to demand, prices typically rise. Amending zoning policies to allow for multi-family and rental units, including the conversion of single family homes to multi-unit rentals, can help ensure communities are affordable for working families.

How to Get Started

Center for Housing Policy's Policy Toolbox


The Center for Housing Policy's toolbox provides an overview of how to expand the supply of homes through rezoning.

PolicyLink's Inclusionary Zoning Toolkit

PolicyLink's Inclusionary Zoning Toolkit includes key players, financing, resources, challenges, and case studies.

Taking the Initiative: A Guidebook on Creating Local Affordable Housing Strategies

The Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association guidebook provides an overview of zoning and land use tools, along with funding strategies and developing partnerships.