Coastal Smart Growth Home: Getting Started: Maintain Walkways and Paths


Well-maintained pedestrian walkways and bicycle paths can provide safe and supportive infrastructure to encourage walking and biking.

How to Get Started

Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center: Facility Design

The University of North Carolina's Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center website provides an introduction to engineering strategies for improving pedestrian safety and walkability. Topics include sidewalks, shared streets and paths, bicycle lanes, way finding, and lighting. The site also has links to case studies and further engineering research and resources.

Walkable 101: The Walkability Workbook

This workbook from the Walkable and Livable Communities Institute includes a facilitator's guide, educational slide presentations and notes, walkability toolbox, and a walking audit survey tool for organizing community walkability workshops and audits. The Institute's website also provides additional resources.

League of American Bicyclists: Resources webpage

The League of American Bicyclists provides links to a variety of resources on bicycle facility and streetscaping design standards, on-road bike facilities and treatments, and bicycle facility maintenance.