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Transfer of development rights: Transfer of development rights programs create a market for selling development rights on one parcel of land and conveying them to another.

Purchase of development rights: Purchase of development rights (PDRs) programs place a permanent restriction on the land, protecting it from all future development.

Marine conservation agreement: Marine conservation agreements are agreements between parties to take or refrain from certain to restore and protect coastal and marine ecosystems.

How to Get Started

Voluntary Conservation Agreement: An Introduction For North Carolina Land Owners


This guide by the Conservation Trust for North Carolina, provides information on conservation agreements including methods, restrictions, taxes, and considerations for the future when deciding how to manage land.

Practitioner's Toolkit For Marine Conservation Agreements


This toolkit by The Nature Conservancy's Global Marine Team, provides information for a variety of stakeholders to understand marine conservaiton agreements, ecosystem services, and ocean and coastal conservation.

Why Conserve Your Land?


This guide includes an overview of land trusts and describes a step by step process of working with a land trust to acquire land for conservation. The Land Trust Alliance (LTA) provides comprehensive resources including policy actions, funding sources, and training opportunities. Users can search for land trusts in their community.

Transfer of Development Rights In U.S. Communities


This guide published by Resources for the Future Press outlines how to transfer development rights in U.S. communities. This guide aids in evaluating program design, implementation and outcomes, and provides case studies.

Transfer of Development Rights Model Bylaws


These model bylaws from the Massachusetts Smart Growth Toolkit, are guidelines for developing a transfer of development rights (TDR) and agricultural preservation program. It is designed for communities with large tracts of agricultural lands that are available for future development.