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Smart Growth for Coastal & Waterfront Communities

Smart Growth for Coastal and Waterfront Communities

Cover of the Report
"Smart Growth for Coastal and Waterfront Communities."

On Wednesday, September 9, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the International City/County Management Association, and Rhode Island Sea Grant, released "Smart Growth for Coastal and Waterfront Communities." Developed in consultation with the national Smart Growth Network, the interagency guide builds on the network's ten smart growth principles to create coastal and waterfront-specific strategies for development. The guide includes an overview of the unique development challenges and opportunities along the water and provides specific approaches to development that include a description of the issues, tools and techniques, and case studies. "Smart Growth for Coastal and Waterfront Communities" is intended for planners, local government officials, developers, residents, and other stakeholders.

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Report Cover (pdf, 452kb)
Introduction (pdf, 316kb)
Table of Contents (pdf, 124kb)
Element 1 (pdf, 396kb)
Element 2 (pdf, 310kb)
Element 3 (pdf, 392kb)
Element 4 (pdf, 349kb)
Element 5 (pdf, 372kb)
Element 6 (pdf, 372kb)
Element 7 (pdf, 374kb)
Element 8 (pdf, 377kb)
Element 9 (pdf, 380kb)
Element 10 (pdf, 332kb)
Glossary (pdf, 157kb)
Endnotes (pdf, 152kb)
Back Cover (pdf, 398kb)


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